Typical Day

A Typical Day at Pink Panther Playgroup

In the morning or afternoon before our session starts we wait outside the building with mummy or the grown up that is bringing us. We have a look at the Playgroup notice board to see what we will be having for snack and what we will be doing in playgroup. When it is time for us to go in one of the Playleaders opens the door for us and lets us in to the building.

We take off our coats and hang them on our peg. We make our way in to the book corner where one of the playleaders is waiting for us and we post our names in to the post box. Now it’s time to say bye to our grown- ups so that we can get on with having some fun! We are allowed to go and play with whatever we want. We have lots of fun toys at playgroup and it’s great because we can make much more mess than we are normally allowed to at home!After we have had a little play one of the playleaders bangs a big drum and we all meet together in the story corner. We sing our good morning/ hello song and enjoy a nice chat about the weather and share any news or stories we may have with our friends. Our playleaders tell us what toys we have out today and what we will be learning about. After that we get to go and play again.After a while we are starting to get hungry so we tidy up all our toys and sit at a table for our snack. After snack we go to the book corner for a story and then we go outside to play until it’s grown up time. We all sit nicely at our tables while one of the playleaders lets our grown-ups in to collect us. We are usually very excited to see them again and can’t wait to tell them what we have been up to !