Learning at Pink Panther Playgroup


Maths Area

Children learn through being involved in their surroundings and by experiencing different types of play. This allows them to become actively involved in their learning.

The great majority of play activities in Playgroup do not result in an end product. The children get pleasure and experience from the process of ‘doing’. Pink Panther Playgroup follows the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence-Early Level.

Key Subject Children will learn to…
and English
Listen and talk to others, learning new words and phrases to share ideas with others.
• Learn to take turns in talking and listening
• Learn to enjoy and explore stories, rhymes and information books
• Recognise their own name and some other letters
• Begin to experiment mark making during play
and Maths
• Match, sort and group objects according to different criteria
• Recognise, count and sequence numbers
• Recognise patterns, shapes and sizes in the world around them
• Use money
   Health and
• Develop confidence
• Make friends and learn to play and co-operate with each other
• Develop movement skills through energetic play
• Learn about their bodies and become aware that being active is good for them
• Learn how to keep themselves safe

Other Subjects

Expressive Arts
Expressive Arts
Social Studies
Religious & Moral Education

The Playroom
Time, areas and activities in the playroom are organised to provide opportunities for the children to develop in all aspects mentioned. In the playroom we have :-

Home corner
Computer These areas are changed regularly in response to the children’s changing interests and development needs and ensures a stimulating environment is provided.
Construction area
Jigsaw puzzles and games area
Maths area
Art/craft area
Drawing table
Outdoor play area
Water and sand play
Story co



House Corner

Your Role
Your role in supporting your child’s development is very important. Before they come to playgroup and during the time they are with us you can support them by encouraging them:

  • To play with other children
  • To enjoy being lively and energetic outside
  • To talk and think about things as they are playing
  • To develop an awareness of the world around them
  • To develop a love of books, by reading to them and talking about the story
  • To develop independence at home allowing them to do things for themselves, even when this takes longer eg putting coat on and taking it off, being able to pull clothes up and down when toileting