Committee Meeting November 2017


In Attendance: Lorraine Craigen, Scott McRoberts, Kelly Gorman, Fiona Cameron

1. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 28.08.17 and matters arising.  Minutes were approved. Matters arising – Kelly to gain login access to finances.

2. Manager’s Report from Lorraine:
Premises Update – Lorraine has emailed David Sutherland twice re new premises.  Planners happy with arrangements and are currently waiting for response from architects.  Lorraine to seek exact clarification on what David means by “planners are happy” – in the next two weeks.  Maureen has found a potential funding source in the Highlands Sustainable Development Fund.  Reminder from Lorraine that 20 hours per week to be funded next year, sessions could possibly run 8 – 12 noon/ 12 noon – 4 pm.

Playgroup Update – the children have been enjoying a wide range of play/learning activities and experiences including how to use money, taking care of babies, hibernation, autumn, the sky/weather/sun/moon/stars.  The children also have enjoyed a walk to the woods this term.  Stay and Play sessions to be scheduled for January.

Staffing – interviews to take place in the forthcoming week for new members of staff.  Lorraine to find out if staff are required to work a minimum number of hours before needing SVQ.  Lorraine to pick up PVG Update forms from CALA.  Having recently helped out as a volunteer, Scott happy to do this again in the future – reminder to make clear to parents/carers that volunteers are PVG checked.

Christmas Fundraiser – luxury hamper to be organised and raise funds for toys for Playgroup.  Parents/carers to drop off luxury items to Playgroup prior to Christmas and hamper to be raffled off

Christmas Party and Santa – party to take place Friday 22nd December, 12-3pm.  PP provide party food and gifts.  Fiona to wrap gifts and check if Esther’s grandad Maurice, can take on the role of Santa, as last year.  Lorraine to see if tickets are still available for showing of “Frosty’s Allotment” at Eden Court.

3. Financial Report – Kelly issued Summary of Financial Activities from September 2016 – August 2017.  Total income – £31,788.49 and Total Expenditure – £38,298.83.  PP currently running at £6k loss – likely due to running of one session only this year and last.  Scott to put “Budgeting” on the agenda for April Committee Meeting – consideration/discussion needed on how to be more proactive with finances.  At present, budgeting is not considered rather just reported.  Further time needed to discuss this in April.  It was projected if PP accepts 2 year olds then profits will increase.

Staff pay – pay review undertaken by Kelly last session.  Pay review for all staff was discussed at the meeting and further consultation took place post meeting by Scott, Fiona and Kelly.  (Post meeting final decision – pay rise for unqualified members of staff – 4%, qualified members of staff – 5%, senior members of staff – 7% and manager – 4%.  Pay rises for qualified and senior staff reflect that existing staff have not had a pay increase in a few years.  Senior role rise shows greater equity with Highland Council equivalent position.)   £100 Christmas bonus to be given to all three members of staff.  Committee were unanimous that all staff thoroughly deserve pay increase and bonus for their ongoing hard work and commitment to PP, in particular during this period of uncertainty.

4. January Deadline – enrolment to take place the first week of February 2018.  Scott stressed that by the next committee meeting on Monday 15th January 2018 there must be in place the following:

  • Guarantee of premises
  • Guarantee of the land
  • Guarantee of planning in principle being submitted, ideally being secured
  • 50% of funding towards new premises (to give sense of security)
  • Two qualified members of staff
  • Manager in place (post to have more hours than at present)

Lorraine raised the possibility of changing the name of PP Playgroup as “Playgroup” possibly seen as an outdated concept now.  All keen to keep Pink Panther in the name but happy to discuss new names for move to new premises – Scott to put “Potential Name Change” on Agenda for January meeting as will need more consideration/discussion prior to move to potential new premises.

5. Change to Constitution – Muhammed from Signpost keen to help change the constitution.  A full time Manager would have more ownership of PP educationally and as a charity.  Parent roles to be more carefully defined and again Scott to put this on Agenda for April meeting as will need further consultation.

6. Two Year Olds – Feedback from questionnaire showed 100% of respondents were in favour of PP accepting two year olds (4 questionnaires returned).  Benefits of this included two and three year olds learning/playing together and apart at different times in a flexible environment.  Potential acceptance of two year olds will have impact on new build in terms of nappy changing etc.

7. Date of Next Committee Meeting – Monday 15th January, 7.30 pm in the Lochardil House Hotel

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