Learning Overview 3rd Feb. 2016

This week our learning focus is around handling, tasting, talking and learning about different food and the importance of eating a variety of food including fruit and veg to keep healthy. The children really enjoyed our little trip to Tesco where we had a good rummage down the fruit n’ veg aisle before making our own soup at playgroup (which sadly they didn’t enjoy quite so much!).

To learn more about healthy eating we will prepare a box containing a variety of different and more unusual fruit for the children to pass around, smell and talk about. We will then prepare a tasting station for them to come and try out something new and possibly have a little chocolate dip to help encourage them! They will be given the opportunity to help chop up the fruit using safety knives. We will use potatoes and peppers to do some print pictures and ask the boys and girls to try and identify pictures of fruit from vegetables.

Our story for the week will be Handa’s Surprise and we will provide props to encourage the children to act out the story. We will also be reading the Enormous Turnip and talk about what we can grow outside in our garden as well as try planting some tomato seeds inside.

We will play the runner bean game at gym and outside and learn some fruity songs such as Oranges and Lemons. In the red tray we will have a different fruit or vegetable for them to handle, squish and explore each day, while they won’t be allowed to eat it from the tray it will enable them to become familiar with the smell and texture and hopefully more likely to taste it, next time its served up!

The home corner will be a garage with tool boxes, hard hats, a farm and some trucks and tractors.

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