Learning Overview 2nd Sept. 2016

The boys and girls have been very busy playing with trains, tracks and cars all week so we have decided to turn our home corner into a train station. We will put up a ticket office, make and stamp tickets, get out some bags and suitcases and dressing up clothes and see where our imagination can take us! We will talk about how we can get to different places and where we have been to, as well as the sorts of things we might need to take with us when we travel and how to travel safely.

Our curricular learning focus for the week will be on health and well being where we will learn about the things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and safe. We will talk about why and when we should wash our hands and also how to wash our hands properly. We will learn about how to keep safe when we are out and about and will practice crossing the road in the school car park holding hands and wearing some high visibility jackets. As part of our Smart Start project we will create a mind map by writing down the children’s ideas on all of these topics and put this into our floor book. This will be available for you to have a look through in the playroom.

Our numeracy focus will involve counting on and back to five and we will create a height chart of all the boys and girls and find out who is the biggest and who is the smallest. We will look at different objects around the room and talk about things that that are big, small, long, short etc. The boys and girls love singing songs so we will practice some number and action songs such as 5 little Ducks and Green Bottles and get the chalk out in the garden to draw around our hands and feet so we can compare sizes.

For literacy we will look out lots of books on transport and things that go and our book for the week will be 9 Ducks Go In And Out. The children really enjoyed our story last week called Be Gentle and by the end of the week were able to re-tell the story themselves, we are very impressed! We will be making and stamping our own train tickets and will continue to encourage the children to mark make in paint, chalk, crayons and water.

Outside we will explore the school grounds, practice crossing the car park road, be planting seeds and flowers, draw round ourselves in chalk and learn to play What’s the Time Mr Wolf, all in all it should be another action packed week!

One thought on “Learning Overview 2nd Sept. 2016

  1. Kelly

    Love the photo of the line up in height order! Very cute. Sounds like a busy week of fun.

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