Learning Overview 26th May 2017

After a glorious week of weather we are hoping for some more of the same for our science learning theme this week, the children will begin to recognise simple types of forces and their effects through play and everyday experiences. For this theme the boys and girls will begin to learn how to use magnets and identify magnetic objects, learn why objects drop to the ground on earth (gravity) but float in space and experiment with water flow and pressure. We will provide them with a magnetic discovery box with magnets and different types of items for them to find out what is magnetic and what isn’t. We will take our magnets out around the school grounds to look for magnetic items. We will experiment with the effects of gravity by dropping different objects such as feathers, balls, stones, bubbles etc. We will show the boys and girls a clip of what happens in space when there is no gravity, e.g. astronauts drinking water and we will of course get soggy doing lots of experiments with water. For this we plan to make holes in bottles of water and bags to find out what happens and why. There will be pipettes, teapots and measuring jugs to play with, as well as tubes and guttering to pour water down.

Our home corner will remain as a supermarket as the boys and girls have been enjoying filling their baskets and bags to the brim and counting out their pennies. We are still looking for any empty boxes and packets that they can stock the shelves with and we still have a few fairtrade food items that we will involve the children in helping to prepare before tasting.

If the weather is still favourable we will spend a lot of our time outdoors so please remember to put sun cream on your wee one. We will also continue with our open doors sessions with nursery to prepare them for their move there after the Summer hols.

Don’t forget to mark on your calendar our sponsored walk on Tues. 6th June, playgroup visits for parents and carers will start the week beginning 12th June and our trip to Nairn which has been confirmed for Tues. 20th June. If you have any queries please speak to the staff.

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