Learning Overview 20th Jan. 2017

We noticed last week that quite a few children were playing at baking and cooking things in the home corner so we decided that we would turn the doctor’s surgery into the Pink Panther Bakery. We will provide some dressing up items and props such as aprons and bakers hats, tea towels, mixing bowls, whisks, bowls and recipe books. There will be paper bags to put the goodies they make into, a till and lots of different ingredients. Throughout the week we will have some fun baking together and hope to make bread, chocolate crispies, pancakes and a traybake called 15 as it uses 15 items of each ingredient.

Our learning focus for the week will be a health and wellbeing one around enjoying daily opportunities to take part in energetic play, this follows on from last weeks focus around becoming aware of our bodies and the effect that exercise has on it as well as continuing with our SmartStart project. By the end of the week the boys and girls should know that exercise is good for us and helps to keep ours bodies healthy as well as making us feel good!

We would love it if parents/carers could use the comments section of this blog to let us know what sort of energetic activity your child has been up to this week, tell us if they have been swimming, cycling, scootering or just zooming up and down the stairs of your house! It would be great if you have any props they could bring into playgroup so they can share what they have been up to with their friends, e.g. swimsuit and googles, scooter, football. The boys and girls are always keen to tell their friends and the grown ups what they do at home especially if they have an interesting item to bring with them. (Don’t forget to fill out a star moments slip too if they have done anything to make you proud!).

Our literacy focus will involve reading recipe books and making some recipes too,as well as our story for the week which will be Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.

Our maths focus will be around weighing, measuring and counting ingredients and we will have scales and measuring jugs out as well as flour and oats to play with in the big red tray.

Outside we will be making a variety of obstacle courses to follow and practise different sorts of exercise to burn off some of that energy!

Finally we’d be really grateful if any of you have some old baking trays, pots, pans, wire racks, wooden spoons or drumsticks at home that you could donate to us for our garden. We are planning on making a “musical fence” for the boys and girls to make as much noise on as they like, we’ll keep you posted on how we get on!

4 thoughts on “Learning Overview 20th Jan. 2017

  1. kelly gorman

    Molly and Amelie where being very energetic this afternoon at their new dance class where they will learn the basics of dance rhythm and coordination, and more importantly have lots and lots of fun!!!!

  2. Carys

    Ruaridh has been energetic at the weekends by going to gymnastics where he has been learning about coordination and balance, he has also been going for long walks with our dog Rufus!

  3. Fiona Cameron

    Finlay has been trampolining this week and playing football with Angus. He enjoyed playing dodge ball at the trampoline park and sharks and fishes!! The boys also had a go at basketball before building then knocking down a tower built from foam bricks!

  4. Maureen Williamson

    Angus went to trampolining and football with Finally. He also went swimming with his brother and sister and playing at the park.

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