Learning Overview 19th May 2017

We had a very busy hair salon at playgroup last week and have identified a future career in hairdressing for quite a few boys and girls (just take a look at the photos!). Luckily we managed to keep the scissors away from real hair so please do the same at home just incase! This week we are having a health and wellbeing focus around discovering where foods come from as we choose, prepare and taste different foods. This ties in with our Farm to Fork visit to Tesco and learning a little about Fairtrade food. At Tesco the children will get a wee tour behind the scenes and get to taste a few things too (pancakes are usually involved!) While we are there we will have our shopping list ready so we can look out for the Fairtrade symbol and pick up some new potatoes, eggs, bananas, chocolate and a selection of cheese. We will take these items back to the playroom and each day will involve the boys and girls in learning where each item comes from, prepare it to eat such as scrubbing the potatoes, shelling hard boiled eggs, chopping bananas etc. This week we will also introduce Helping Hands at snack time where we choose two children each day to help prepare the snack and set the tables, every child will get a turn at this. We will also introduce them to pouring their own water or milk to drink (the mop will be on standby!).

In our home corner we will setup a supermarket with real and pretend produce to buy and sell. We will provide dressing up clothes, bags, purses, tills and money, baskets and signs.

For our literacy focus we will be looking out for recognisable signs on food such as Fairtrade, recycle and will ask each child to help call and mark the register in the morning. We will do a bit of coin rubbing and our story of the week will be Handa’s Hen.

Our maths focus will be around money, looking at different coins and also dividing items into smaller pieces such as halving and quartering bananas.

In the red tray there will be a mixture of flour and oats to which we can add water to find out what happens. Outside we will be doing a lot of playing and making some milk carton planters with flowers to brighten up the fence.

This is an action packed term with lots of activities to come:

6th June – Sponsored Walk

8th June – Closed for In Service Training

20th June – Family trip to Nairn

28th June – A visit from the Beastie Man

29th June – Family picnic

30th June – Last day of term, phew!


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