Behaviour Policy

Children need simple guidelines to help them come to terms with the needs of others and society. Children who misbehave will not be labelled naughty or humiliated; instead they will be helped to understand why their behaviour is not acceptable and be rewarded with attention when they behave well.  Where necessary we will use time-out.

pantherfiller2Where persistent behaviour difficulties arise the play staff will work together with the child and his/her parents to overcome such difficulties.  Further information is available in our behaviour management policy.

To help ensure your child enjoys their time with us at playgroup in a safe environment we encourage the children to keep a few simple rules that focus on respect for others and personal safety.

  • Always walk in the playroom
  • Always leave the room with an adult
  • Keep the sand in the sandpit
  • Share toys with your friends & treat each other kindly
  • Chairs are for sitting on
  • Always wear a helmet when on a bike or scooter

Holm School Rules

When delivering or collecting children, parents/carers are asked to respect Holm School as visitors by:

  • Keeping as quiet as possible
  • Not letting children run around
  • Not bringing dogs in to the school grounds