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What clothing should my child wear?

The children should come to playgroup in comfortable play clothes and should dress appropriately for the time of year and always bring a jacket and suitable footwear for playing outside. We use the outdoor play area all year round. Clothes which are easy for your child to take on and off are best. Belts and dungarees can prove tricky when independent toileting. The most suitable footwear for playgroup is trainers with Velcro fastenings, there is no need for gym shoes. Trainers are practical and provide support and Velcro fastenings offer independence to your child. We do not advise sending your child to playgroup in fashion shoes.

If your child comes to Pink Panther wearing wellies, please also bring trainers for them to change into. Some of the activities are messy and although we wear aprons, accidents do happen, so old clothes are best. Please also provide your child with a change of clothes at playgroup. Please label all items of clothing your child may remove and bags.


How do I get my child to settle into the group?

We feel that it is very important to make the transition from home to playgroup as smooth and as easy as possible for children and parents. The playgroup group encourages parents to stay with their child as long as is necessary for your child to be reassured that this new place and its people are as safe as home. We believe that taking the children on visits is an important part of their education. Outings are organised throughout the year – parents are informed of these and are invited to accompany their child if possible, as best practise states a ratio of one adult to two children. You will be asked to sign a consent form to cover all out of school visits.


When do I keep my child at home?

It can sometimes be a difficult decision to keep your child off playgroup due to ill health. Often the children want to come anyway. However, it is important that children do not come if they are unwell. Infections spread easily in a playgroup setting to both the other children and the staff. This is particularly important if they have been sick or have had diarrhoea. Children who have been suffering from sickness and / or diarrhoea should remain off playgroup for 48hours after the symptoms have stopped. If your child has an infectious illness, please keep him/her away from the group until the infectious period is over-
Chicken Pox – 10 days from onset of rash or when scabs dry.
Measles – 4 days from onset of rash.
Rubella – 4 days from onset of rash.
Mumps – Until the swelling has subsided but not less than 7 days from onset of symptoms. If your child has signs or symptoms of illness while attending Playgroup, we will contact you immediately. If we cannot contact you we will ring the emergency contact number.

Please remember to tell staff of any changes to contact numbers. If your child is going to be absent from Playgroup for 2 days or more please inform either the staff in person or via the school secretary (Holm School phone number 232697).


What happens if the playgroup is closed for bad weather?

Holm School has a dial in service if there is a risk of the school being closed due to bad weather.
To use this service:
• dial 0870 054 6999
• now enter 042230
• you will hear the school’s name
• press 1 to hear the school’s message.
If the school is closed then playgroup will be closed too


How can I get involved with the playgroup?

To enhance our high quality provision we encourage parental involvement in a variety of ways – Committee work, stay and play sessions, fund-raising, helping on outings etc. Should you have any interesting hobbies or hidden talents that you would like to share with the children – please speak to one of the playleaders. What are the term dates for Holm Primary School? Please note these are only for your information and the playgroup does not always follow the same holiday dates as the school. Playgroup term dates will given out as soon as possible.
Autumn Opens 20 August 2013 Closes 4 October 2013
Winter Opens 22 October 2013 Closes 20 December 2013
Spring Opens 6 January 2014 Closes 4 April 2014
Summer Opens 22 April 2014 Closes 3 July 2014
Mid Term Break 17-21 February 2014
Public Holidays May Day- 5 May 2014


How do I find out more about what my child is doing?

There is a notice board outside the main entrance to playgroup with information such as our snack menu for the week, what we are learning about and both committee and playgroup news. On your way in to the playroom there are also several other notice boards with photos and other information. Please take time to look at these. We will also produce regular newsletters to keep you updated and all parents are welcome to come along to committee meetings. Current newsletters can also be found on this website. Throughout the year all staff are involved in recording the children’s progress and involvement in playgroup activities, through discussion, written observations and by building up examples of work and photographs and putting them into your child’s Learning Journey. You are welcome to look at your own child’s Learning Journey throughout the year and to speak informally to staff at the end of each day. Please do not hesitate to speak to a playleader if you have a question or any concerns. A formal report is issued to parents towards the end of the year (June) with a discussion if parents wish it.