Committee Meeting January 2018



In Attendance: Scott McRoberts, Heather McRoberts, Maureen Lyon, Lorraine Craigen,
Kelly Gorman, Vicky Lewis, Fiona Cameron

Apologies: nil

1. Matters arising from Minutes of 27th November 2017 – clarification from Lorraine that
advice was sought on how many hours staff need to work in order to undertake an SVQ.
Kelly has gained login access to finances. Scott still to submit PVG form to CALA for
clearance as a volunteer at PP. Christmas hamper/raffle postponed due to low ticket
sales. This will now be drawn at the Easter Tea Party.

2. Financial Report – Muhammed from Signpost to undertake first quarter of PP accounts. He will also deal with OSCR. Kelly to give Trustees Report to Muhammed. It was decided to continue with the triple receipt duplicate book. Finances looking like £9000 less than this time last year, with £54000 currently in the bank. £20000 has been transferred from Savings Account to the Current Account. Kelly has updated the accounts until November and this has been sent to Muhammed. £290 interest gained on £20000 in Savings Account and it was agreed to keep all of this money in the Current Account. Maureen to contact bank and confirm that the Savings Account has now been closed.

3. Manager’s Report – Maureen firstly updated the Committee that the children at PP have been recently looking at how water changes into ice, with children focusing on numbers next week. Stay and Play date to be confirmed. New children to the Playgroup are adjusting to their new environment and routines. Lorraine contacted HiMats re SVQ – no minimum hours needed to be worked in order to undertake SVQ, an employee must simply be in regular employment. PVG update – Vicki and Gina are currently waiting for PVGs due to delays in the process. CALA staff are currently covering staff absence. Sonya is covering from 1pm on a Tuesday. Nursery staff have approached PP staff re timescale of emptying the PP room and possibility of using Nursery equipment. Maureen has looked into storage. One storage container per month likely to cost approximately £100. Lorraine met with Liz Scott who confirmed there would be leeway with PP moving premises. Facebook – agreed there was not much PP presence on FB. Blog to focus on learning, with FB page giving daily updates. Vicki to message Kelly pictures to upload on FB. Kelly to change Committee FB page to a closed PP Parent Page. Kelly to liaise with Vicki on this and give Lorraine admin status. Staff – All staff to undertake three days of manual handling training and epilepsy training. (The last training date is February 1st). Liz Scott to arrange Child Plan, Support Worker

Form for new start. Lorraine to speak to Gina re working extra days in order to have three staff present with new start in mind. Play equipment – Scott has arranged pick up of faulty play equipment on 16th January after school.

4. Decision about future of Pink Panthers – David Sutherland has passed on details of
architect DH Johnson to Lorraine. Pre-application was sent December/January time.
Lorraine has received phone call to say that pre-application is in principle, with no
specific plans of the building. (Plans to show two buildings joined together. A shared
driveway has been proposed and PP keen to have a separate entrance). Architect (Colin)
has been given the Care Inspectorate from Lorraine showing requirements for floor space
etc. Pre-application expected to come through January/February and three to four
months for building application. No decisions made yet if it is to be a demountable structure. Build would take approximately six months. All staff unanimous in that temporary accommodation (Living Room, Scout Hall, Green Drive Hall not available for these purposes) would not enable PP to provide the best care for the children. Best solution to close PP at the end of June 2018 until new build is up and running. No enrolment for 2018-2019 but children could enrol during the session when building is open and ready. Manager position – a new post of full time Manager to be sought. Possibility of starting part-time then move on to full time contract as building nears completion. This to be put as an Agenda Point for April Meeting – when/how to advertise etc.
Thinking ahead with the community in mind, public consultation, engaging with
prospective parents (e.g. Survey Monkey) and plans for new build shown in various
buildings in the community was proposed.

5. Change of name from “Pink Panther Playgroup” – to be thought about and discussed at April meeting. Proposed to consider the values PP will embrace e.g. inclusivity, outdoor learning etc.

6. Date of next Committee Meeting – Monday 16th April, 7:30 pm at 20 Bramble Close.

Matters further discussed: Possibility of CALA interviewing for new Manager position.
Lorraine to get details from Liz Scott re £10000 grant given to new local Nursery school
and how to access this. Lorraine to contact CALA re staff redundancy.
Scott to compose a statement re future of PP. PP not enrolling due to relocation with
reinvention/new vision in the future! Statement to invite people who would like to be
involved with this to contact the Committee. Statement to include there will be no
August intake but leave open as to when it will re-open.
Staff to be informed first of all – by Scott. Current parents to receive statement along
with Nursery enrolment information on Monday 22nd January. Scott to approach Holm
Primary as how to best share the information within the school community. Poster with
statement up in school on Wednesday 24th January. Thursday 25rd January social media to pass on the statement.

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