Annual General Meeting

Pink Panther Playgroup Parent Committee

Minutes of Annual General Meeting on 20 June 2016

At Lochardil House Hotel 7.30pm

Present:          Susan Hutchison, Helen Moody, Kirsteen Lemon, Tori Mackay

Apologies:      Joanne Philip, Moira Paton, Lyn Thrower, Pauline Neale

Also present:  2016/17 parents – Arlene Barr, Fiona Cameron, Allan Carson, Louise Davidson & baby, Kelly Gorman, Edgar Grinberg, Carys Lewthwaite, Gemma Macrae, Claire McGowan, Andrew Reid, Kelly Reid

Introduction to Pink Panther Playgroup:  The meeting was held at the hotel because the school gates were not unlocked for us. Kirsteen described the nature and basic operation of the Pink Panther Playgroup without the aid of the information booklets which were locked in the playgroup room. Booklets to be distributed to parents next Monday (27th) during their visit to the playgroup.

The need for a parent committee was mentioned.

Kirsteen apologised for the lateness of informing parents of the new playgroup hours; this was due to the requirement of the new after school club to use the room from 14:00hrs each day and Pink Panther Playgroup management having to decide what session times could then be offered was discussed.

Kirsteen and Tori explained that if parents want their child to attend more than 16 hrs per week, the cost would be £3/hr and that it is also possible to pay for a child to start before their designated start date, as long as they have reached their third birthday.

Other points covered (which are also in the booklet) were:

  • parents to supply children staying over lunchtime with a packed lunch, which should be in line with the group’s healthy eating policy;
  • voluntary contributions for snack time, either food or vouchers (perhaps reminding parents at intervals);
  • the Curriculum for Excellence, learning through play in eight areas of learning, e.g. health and wellbeing, science, literacy;
  • each child is assigned a key worker who keeps an eye on their development and maintains their learning journey folder, picking up on any areas that need to be encouraged more;

Free play is themed, based on what the childrens’ interests are and what they want to do.

2016/17 Parent Committee: Susan explained that a minimum of six members are required to form a committee and they must hold a minimum of six meetings a year, this AGM counting as the first.  The main responsibility of the committee is fundraising plus a review of staff pay once a year. Susan also relayed how helpful CALA, the Care and Learning body, are for advice on all matters related to running a playgroup. Nominations for committee roles were put forward and voted on. Louise was not present when nominated, so the Vice-Chairperson will be confirmed later.

2016/17 Parent Committee Members are:

Role Name Nominated by Seconded by
Chairperson Kelly Gorman Susan Hutchison Helen Moody
Vice-Chairperson Louise Davidson???

To be confirmed

Allan Carson Helen Moody
Secretary Fiona Cameron Kelly Gorman Gemma Macrae
Member Gemma Macrae Fiona Cameron Arlene Barr
Member Arlene Barr Carys Lewthwaite Susan Hutchison
Member Claire McGowan Carys Lewthwaite Allan Carson
Member Kelly Reid Gemma Macrae Claire McGowan
Member Carys Lewthwaite Kelly Reid Arlene Barr

Next Meeting: TBA (possibly September)